Art Institute of Charleston 12 hour design challenge-White Haute Nights

Saturday March 1st, 7 students from the Art Institute of Charleston were given their assignment to create and complete an original design.  Students were given 30 minutes to plan and draw out their design.  Then they were shuttled to a local fabric store where they had 30 minutes and only $50.00 to get everything they need to complete their design.  Students then went back to the Art Institute of Charleston where they started cutting, pinning, measuring and draping.  Students will be given until 8pm to complete their piece.  

On Thursday March 6th, students will reveal their final product to judges and guests of White Haute Nights at Tabbuli on North Market Street.  The winner of the competition will be awarded a $5,000 scholarship by Sam Mustafa, CEO of the Charleston Hospitality Group.