Andy Murray Wins His Fourth Queens Title

Queen’s Championship is one of the world’s oldest tennis championships. It is played on grass courts and these grass courts are famous all over the world because there is none other like them anywhere else in the world. Each year this championship is hosted at the Queen’s club and many of the world’s best tennis players compete against each other to get the title of the champion. There have been many great players who have won this championship. The king of these lavish courts in the 21st century without doubt is Andy Murray who has won this title four times since 2009.

On the final day of the Queen’s Championship Murray had to face two opponents within a few hours. The fist one of these opponents was from the semi-final match which was interrupted by rain. Murray defeated the other semifinalist and made his spot in the final. Playing two matches of this level in one single day is really tiring. Murray was not in perfect form for a match after such a long day but still he came out to play the final against an opponent that could have been much stronger against him in every possible way.

Andy Murray went on the court with full determination of winning the title. He was determined from the very first day and today his determination was much higher than before. The final match was really short as compared to the other matches. Murray was able to defeat the opponent Anderson in just a few minutes and in these few minutes fans got so much action to watch that they will not be forgetting it in the near future. Murray has been improving his game for the last few years and now he is adding some aggression into his game which will make his matches much more interesting.

Murray has become favorite choice for betting enthusiasts. No matter against whom Murray is playing the match it can be guaranteed that he will be performing really well and he will be giving his full effort towards winning the game. If you are looking forward to betting online than you should choose Tennis games to bet on and in tennis there is no better choice than Murray to bet on. There will be some great tennis championships starting soon and you could watch them and enjoy betting online to make some money for yourself as the players give their full efforts on the courts.