Recapping on the dire state of the Beaufort museum (update: plan laid, moving forward)

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Update February 23: The city is vowing to get its act together and is beginning to make some first steps. 

The proposal at the recent council meeting was voted up and The Island Packet has penned an editorial recapping and welcoming the move; read that here.

Update February 16: At the Tuesday Beaufort City Council workshop a plan began to take form to get the museum back on its feet, or at least get them out on display.

The Island Packet has a solid report from the meeting of what's been envisioned; read it here.

First reporting February 4: You may recall that Beaufort's Arsenal Museum has been closed for some time, but if you've found yourself wondering why a city that's marking it's 300th year seems unable to have a museum, I have a link for you.

The Beaufort Tribune has recapped on the woes of the museum's artifacts, which a May 2010 report by Dave Smoot of the Parris Island Museum described in part as, "Leather items were moldy. Paper items were reacting negatively to the presence of acids in and around the paper. Wooden items were dry and splitting. Clothing was dried out, rotten, soiled and eaten by vermin. Ferrous items rusted some to the point where they could not be identified without them crumbling to pieces."

Read the paper's report on what's up with the museum and its artifacts here, and read Smoot's 2010 report here.

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