Beaufort's Top 10 stories, issues of 2010

It's a mere 10 days until 2010 is no more and we're preparing our roundup of the biggest stories and issues in Beaufort this year.

But rather than sit in our ivory tower (aka: coffee shop seat) and tell you, we'd like to ask: Was it the F-35 debate, parking, unclaimed boats, business closings, construction, traffic, bridges, something else? What's your top 10 stories and what do you think is the most underrated story of 2010? 

Here's a few that are on our list already:

  • The Bay Street judge incident;
  • Business closures;
  • Shrimp Festival scoldings;
  • The return of¬†Tootie Fruity;
  • And, of course, parking and the F-35.