Award-winning photographer Phil Dunn to host Photoshop workshops at USCB

Flickr user greg.turner

Pulitzer Prize winner Phil Dunn will present a three-part workshop series focusing on how to utilize Adobe Photoshop.

Each of the workshops in this series will begin at 9 a.m. and conclude at 4 p.m. and will take place on the Historic Beaufort campus of USCB in room #111 of the Sandstone building.

The first workshop is An Introduction to Photoshop CS5: Building a Workflow in Camera Raw on February 24th. This class will teach participants how to optimize the quality of all of their images by using Adobe's Camera Raw interface.

The second workshop, occuring on March 30th, is Mastering Tools, Layers, Selections and Curves in CS5 and will focus on how to use basic and advanced features of Photoshop as well as how to manipulate images after they have been optimized.

The third and final workshop, High Dynamic Range Photography, will take place on April 20th. It will focus on how to extend your camera's ability to repond to a wider range of light.

In order to participate in one or more of these workshops, you must own a digital camera with at least a 10-megapixel sensor. The workshops cost $100 each or $275 for all three.

To register, contact Erica Breton at 843-521-4112 or email her at

For more information about the workshops, head over to USCB's blog post here.