Beaufort mayor puts out a call for financial assistance to complete tricentennial marker

Beaufort's Tricentennial Logo

You may recall that a few months back we told you about Beaufort's attempts to raise money to construct a marker signifying this tricentennial year.

The basics of the fundraising were to get 300 people to donate $300 each, though corporate level sponsorships also are available. You can read our last post on this effort here. 

Well in his regular email blast Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling again is calling for assistance with this undertaking as only about half of the donations have been raised.

The mayor's full email is pasted below.

Dear Friends:

I can hardly believe we are already three months into
Beaufort's Tricentennial Year.

If you missed the New Years Eve Kick Off at the Henry C.
Chambers Park or the January 17 Birthday Party featuring the Marine Corps Band
at the USCB Center for the Arts, you missed two very special occasions honoring
our hometown.

There is more to come.

This Fall there will be a Tricentennial Parade and
throughout the summer there will be other Tricentennial events tied to our
traditional festivals and seasonal activities.

One principal task lies ahead and that is why I am writing

At the end of the year, when the Tricentennial begins to
wind down, the Committee will erect an historical marker in the Waterfront
Park. Outlining the highpoints of our 300-year history, the monument(s) will
not be inexpensive and the Tricentennial Committee agreed to raise $90,000 to
invest in the project.

Over the past several months, the committee has been seeking
300 individuals and/or families to contribute $300 each to pay for the
structure. Aside from the satisfaction of being a part of this historic time,
the names of the 300 sponsors will be permanently posted on the
foundation of the monuments.

What a way to be remembered, or to have a loved one and/or yourself
remembered in perpetuity in the celebrated Waterfront Park -- and in doing so
help out a good cause!

To date, we have about 150 participants and are now heading
down the final stretch hoping that you, members of your family and friends will
join the Beaufort 300.  We plan to reach this goal by May so we want to
encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.

I contributed in my name and my siblings joined together to
create a name plaque in our parents names.

Your $300 investment in the Beaufort 300 project will assure future
generations a greater understanding and appreciation for the sacrifices and
choices of the past 300 years that helped create the Beaufort we love

To make this simple as possible for you all you have to do is
write a check for $300, make clear the name you want on the monument and send
to me at POB 2145, Beaufort, SC 29901-2145.  I will take care of the

Finally, New South Shirts has created memorabilia for those
who want to celebrate the Tricentennial and have
sourvenirs about the events. For further information, I posted their
address below.

Thanks for your consideration.

Best wishes for a safe, healthy and happy Tricentennial

Billy Keyserling