Dispose of your electronics and paper documents on the 30th

Flickr user splorp
Seriously, why are you hanging on to your electronic junk?

I know, Saturday, October 30th, shouts "What are your Halloween plans?," but Beaufort County would like to remind that before you get your boogie on, you can help out Mother Nature. 

The date is also the occasional electronics recycling and paper shredding day when you can dispose of these materials in a safe and free way.

The campaign runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at both public works sites: 140 Shanklin Road in Beaufort (off Highway 21 near the Air Station), and 9 Bentonfield Road in Bluffton.

Oh and if you didn't know it's a very bad idea to throw away your electronics, not only are you likely casting away rare and valuable metals, you're also throwing away nasty ones (like lead and arsenic) that can leach into our water.