Bundle up Beaufort, we're headed for the coldest nights of the season yet

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Gloves: Break 'em out.

Update December 7: We're still in the grip of Old Man Winter's icy fingers.*

The forecast is still set to get chillier with a low of 23 degrees tonight, 27 Wednesday, and 31 Thursday. And if tonight's low materializes we'll be in the running for another record low, one we just missed out on Monday night.

Also note the cold weather tips to the bottom of this page.

*I know we're still a couple weeks from the start of winter, but cut me some slack.

First reporting, December 6: Baton the hatches, cover the plants, bring in the pets, and drip the faucets: We're headed into the coldest nights of the season yet.

The magic number? A forecast low of 25 tonight and 22 on Tuesday night. 

Blame it on cold and dry high pressure coming from Canada that is expected to prevail through the week despite much sunshine under mostly clear skies.

And afternoon highs will be suppressed far below seasonal normals, only reaching the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. For comparison, normal highs for today are in the lower to mid 60s.

Otherwise expect a quiet weather day with just some afternoon breezes within this very dry pattern. By Thursday night we're still down in the cold areas with a low of 31 and a high of 59 on Friday.

You can get more forecast details on the National Weather Service's page.

Happy Holidays indeed.

Cold weather tips

From the National Weather Service.

The key to any preparedness and safety actions are to act well before any problems occur.
try to stay inside as much as possible especially during the colder night time and early morning hours. If you must be outside dress appropriately for the cold weather. Dress in layered clothing with a hat scarf and mittens or gloves.

Protecting pipes from freezing
Remove and drain outdoor hoses and store indoors. If possible close any valves that supply outdoor hose bibs then open and drain remaining water from outdoor values. Check any other areas where pipes could be exposed to the cold and cover or insulate those pipes if possible. Let at least one faucet drip inside your home tonight which will help prevent ice from building up in the pipes. Open up the cabinet doors underneath all sinks to allow for warmer air to circulate inside.

Other areas around the home
Keep garage doors closed especially if there are water supply lines located in the garage. Keep your thermostat set at the same temperature during the day and the night helping to maintain sufficiently warm temperatures inside the home and lowering the threat for pipes to freeze. If you are going away keep your thermostat set no lower than 55 degrees.

Plants and pets
If there are any plants outside that will be susceptible to the cold weather we suggest covering them or if possible bringing them inside.

Do not forget about your pets. If you can bring them inside at night. If this is not possible make sure they will have plenty of warmth such as blankets or other coverings to remain warm. ensure that they have plenty of unfrozen drinking water.

Those susceptible to the cold
Check on the elderly and others such as young children and those with illnesses that may be more susceptible to very cold temperatures. Make sure they have adequate heating and shelter.

Portable heating devices
If using heating devices such as an electric space heater make sure it is is good working order is never left unattended and is not located near any flammable materials. avoid using any heating devices that use an open flame or combustible materials.