Is Beaufort more Myrtle Beach or Charleston? Some tips for out of towners, and on not wearing shirts

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South Carolina has fairly well-known coastal areas: Hilton Head, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach.

And many-a-tourist would be fairly well on the mark when asked to describe the vibe, but those asked about Beaufort may even struggle to place us on a map.

With that in mind, Island Packet columnist Tim Hager penned a piece trying to get the word out about our town's vibe; read it here.

Now, I will say that while I buy his general idea of the piece, I don't fully agree with him. I think he's more locked onto what Beaufort wants to be. For example, he kicks off with saying a guy walking around downtown without a shirt on and saying clearly that's an ill-informed tourist. 

Hate to break it to Hager, but while I would never do it, I personally know at least two native locals that would and do, and this past warm snap is exactly when they would.

Of course, come Water Festival, all bets are off.

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