135 Beaufort County named Junior Scholars (with names)

135 Beaufort County eighth-graders have met the qualifications for being named Junior Scholars by the South Carolina Department of Education.

This year's 135 qualifying students represented a dramatic increase from the 88 students who qualified four years ago.

The Junior Scholars Program was developed by the South Carolina Department of Education to identify eighth-graders with exceptional academic talent and to develop strategies for inclusion into special programs. The program includes a process for screening, identifying and recognizing students with high scholastic achievement and intellectual ability.

Eligible students include those who score 50 or higher on the PSAT (preliminary SAT) in verbal, math, or writing or those who participated in Duke University's Talent Identification Program (TIP) during their seventh-grade years, who met the eligibility requirements as outlined by that program and were identified and recognized by Duke TIP.

Students who qualify as Junior Scholars receive an award of merit from the South Carolina Department of Education as well as information regarding summer academic experiences sponsored by South Carolina colleges and universities. They can use that special recognition to bolster their applications to colleges and universities.

The 135 students and their parents will also be honored next spring at an annual Junior Scholars Banquet sponsored by the Beaufort County School District.

"We're tremendously proud of these students," said Superintendent Valerie Truesdale. "This recognition by the State of South Carolina is an early indicator of the many academic successes that they will experience in high school and college. Their parents and teachers also deserve credit and thanks for the support and guidance they provide to these outstanding students." 

Below are the names of achieving students, who had permission from their parents:

H E McCracken Middle School

  • Agee Madison
  • Anderson Mackenzie
  • Angelino Vince
  • Baek Sereym
  • Bennett Ethan
  • Caboy Elizabeth
  • Campbell Hayley
  • Catalan-Castro Marielena
  • Chapman Matthew
  • Cox Brandon
  • Faciszewski McCall
  • Folan Skye
  • Funk David
  • Gadson Ebony
  • Hamby Ryan
  • Hernandez Karla
  • Holler Cole
  • Hoyt Michael
  • Hubner Haley
  • Hundley Hannah
  • James Cameron
  • Johnson Ernaya
  • Lowe Tristan
  • Mainar Shaina
  • McAllister Spencer
  • Moore Dylan
  • Morgan Rhyan
  • Morris John
  • Mullins Nicholas
  • Nowlin Emily
  • Ortega Timothy
  • Perri Anthony
  • Pfeifer Spencer
  • Polite Chardenay
  • Pollina Gabrielle
  • Prater Addison
  • Ray Alexander
  • Rizer Morgan
  • Rohm Madison
  • Stanley Adam
  • Tierney Lea
  • Tighe Stephanie
  • Voegele Sasha
  • Walsnovich Evan
  • Weis Jacob
  • Wilson Karyn

Robert Smalls Middle School

  • Cobban Zakayia
  • Hershberger Christopher
  • Jones Bailee
  • Morgan Landon

Hilton Head Island Middle School

  • Bartlett Evan
  • Boney Hanna
  • Boys Ally
  • Brummer Samantha
  • Busby Jason
  • Colburn Faith
  • Denney Luke
  • Field Madison
  • Fontanie Shirley
  • Hamlin Ashley
  • Harriman Gavin
  • Jansen Tessa
  • Kracht Arnold
  • Langs Meredith
  • Liggett Parker
  • Macarena Arantza
  • Maldonado David
  • Moyer Alexander
  • Naddy Ryan
  • Neville Lindsey
  • Oliver Jennifer
  • Picklesimer Hannah
  • Reamy Sarah
  • Rosas Amairany
  • Slawson Sarah
  • Smith Luke
  • Steel Amanda
  • Venrick Layton
  • Vidal Martin
  • Yates Alexis
  • Yurco Nicolas
  • Zmarzly Tadeusz

Beaufort Middle School

  • Ackerman Ryan
  • Alford A. J.
  • Angus Alexander
  • Brink Candace
  • Burgess Carey
  • Carter Christian
  • Clark Brandon
  • Cole Mary
  • Craner Kiara
  • Cutie Alexander
  • Dent Emani
  • Forbes Ashley
  • Graham Jack
  • Hibbs Mattie
  • Lawson Hannah
  • Mason D’Irene
  • Palombo Jessica
  • Perry Hannah
  • Rabon Taylor
  • Riley Logan
  • Stoddard Andrew
  • Van Vulpen Marielle
  • Winkler Holt

Lady's Island Middle School 

  • Bono Clara
  • Dubuque Zachary
  • Fancher Logan
  • Louw Paul
  • Mullen Madison
  • Reeves Rachel
  • Rhodes Grace
  • Richardson Bryce
  • Shipsey Valentina
  • Smith Anna
  • Thomas Mattie

Whale Branch Middle School

  • Eugene Stephon
  • Everly Brooke
  • Gantt Nadiah
  • Norris Rana
  • Webb Shanelle
  • White Ashley
  • Wright Jordan
  • Young Kevin
  • Williams Celia
  • Wood Judah
  • Norris Rana

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