The Open Community: Share a bit about yourself with your readers

Be sure to complete your bio to introduce yourself with the community, and you can recieve private messages from readers.

[Editor's note: Regular contributors to TheDigitel will have noticed many improvements to this site in the past several weeks, this is our first post on making the most of the changes.]

The Open Community is a great way to connect with other locals and share your concerns, events, and coverage of Beaufort, and we've bee making edits to the site to help readers connect with contributors on a personal level.

As show in the image above (and beneath this post) TheDigitel now shows a larger image of the article's author, the author's bio, and a way to privately message the writer.

To make the most of this you'll want to be sure you have a good profile picture and bio.

You can edit your bio and photo by going to your account profile page and clicking one of the buttons on the left beneath your profile — they read "Edit your photo" and "Edit your profile".

You'll want to be sure your photo is centered on your face and a reasonable size (you can crop and resize photos online at this site).

As for your bio, it can be whatever you want, but keep in mind the first dozen or so word will show after your name in the footer of each article.

Take for example mine: "Ken is a Lowcountry native and has more than 10 years of journalism experience ..."

Got it? Edit your profile here.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we announce and explain more Open Community features and enhancements. 

If you're having problems (or have suggestions), drop us an e-mail at 

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