Giuseppi's Pizza in Bluffton bets you can't eat this pizza in an hour

Giuseppi's Pizza & Pasta
They call it a pizza, I call it doom.

Giuseppi's Pizza & Pasta in Bluffton is betting $50, a t-shirt, a free meal, and loads of honor that you can't eat the "Big Unit" — a 28-inch one topping pizza — in an hour or less.

If you think you're up for the challenge hop over to the restaurant's Facebook page and say you're game, seems they're always looking for challengers.

Oh, and I did a quick bit of math: One 28 inch pizza equals the same surface area of 5 and a half 12 inch pie. — I won't be taking on that challenge.

A hat tip to The Island Packet for spotting this one.

And let's not forget about the time a couple of Beaufort Gazette/Island Packet reporters tried to take on the Big Goomba pizza challenge at the now-defunct Papa Vitto's in Port Royal. That challenge also was a 28-incher for a team of two with a $200 prize. Check out that 2008 story here.

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