To fuel USC Beaufort arts, group raises 54 scholarships, aims higher with community support

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The University of South Carolina Beaufort has invested more than $2 million dollars as the school works to turn its historic Beaufort campus into an arts school.

In an effort to ensure that mission succeeds a group of community leaders (Mayor Billy Keyserling, Brantley Harvey, and Colden Battey, among others) looked to secure individual backing from the community in the form of small $4,000 grants to fund four-year scholarships. 

The goal was to hit 25 — $100,000.

But the community instead responded with an outpouring of support ot the tune of $216,000 — 54 scholarships. 

And now the group has received a pledge that if 30 more scholarships can be secured, local David Lott will add an additional $1,000 per, $30,000 total. In all if the goal is met, more than $350,000 will be raised.

And Keyserling is asking for the community support, writing, "I believe an expanded college presence in downtown Beaufort is critical to the future growth of our community and encourage you to consider helping if you are able. If you are not able to contribute at this level any contribution is more than welcome and will be greatly appreciated."

E-mail Keyserling at or chime in on his Facebook post.

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