Beaufort's future: Retrofitting Suburbia (updated: Shaping Beaufort's Next Century)

Updated Dec. 3: Lowcountry Weekly has another piece penned by the Congress for New Urbanism's South Carolina Chapter, this time addressing a new course for the city of Beaufort, this one to build 'civitas.'

This piece is certainly worth a read if you're interested in the future form of Beaufort.

Give it a read here.

Reported Nov. 12: Suburban sprawl. New urbanism. Retrofit. Form-based code.

These are the catch phrases of today's architecture, planning and development conversations, especially with the emergence of a Beaufort chapter of the Congress for New Urbanism and the events it's holding.

But what does it all mean for the future of Beaufort? Where have the development trends of the past 50 years led us, and where do we go from here? 

Lowcountry Weekly has an excellent piece penned by the Congress for New Urbanism's South Carolina Chapter, which addresses many of these questions and offers some answers. You can read it here.

Cited in the piece as an example of good planning and the future of retrofitting suburbia is the City of Beaufort's Boundary Street master plan. If you're not familiar with that plan, here's a pdf copy of it for you. 

It feels like with new leadership and new ideas a sea change is occurring in Beaufort County when it comes to the planning discussion, the question is if and when the economy picks back up whether people will continue to support these plans or just try to make a quick buck.