Beaufort looks for new uses for old City Hall (update: Would a tax incentive help?)

The now shuttered Beaufort City Hall

Update April 11: An interesting aside to this story is that the S.C. House is considering a bill that would offer a tax credit to developers who redevelop abandoned public space.

The proposal on the table would give developers a 25 percent tax credit.

While the bill is being pushed by Columbia-area leaders to deal with abandoned public facilities there, it would impact Beaufort with its sturggling City Hall project.

Check out The State's coverage of this proposal here.

Update March 25, no love: There's disappointment among city leaders in the request for proposals attracted no bids.

The Island Packet has a nice report on the sad news; read it here.

It's worth pointing out that bids required a mandatory $10,000 binder.

You can see the proposal request here and get the backstory on the situation below.

First reporting, January 11: First The City of Beaufort's Redevelopment Commission has sent out a formal request for proposals in hopes of finding someone who will take the old Carteret Street City Hall off of its hands and find a new use for it.

The city over the summer officially pulled its offices out of the historic building on Carteret and last month held a grand opening ceremony for its new facility at the intersection of Boundary Street and Ribaut Road - the first new Beaufort City Hall in 150 years.

So what is the city hoping to accomplish with this request for proposals? Here's how  it's spelled out in the document that went out Jan. 5. 

The intent of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to retain an experienced and qualified developer who has the potential and financial capacity to purchase and redevelop the former City Hall site. For this site, the City of Beaufort envisions various uses including commercial, residential, office and retail – a mixed-use development that generates a live, work and play environment, along with jobs and tax base. 

You can find a full copy of the city's RFP here.

Respondents to the city's request have until February 25 to submit their proposals for the building appraised at $875,000.