Beaufort TEA Party aims to gauge business regulation frustration (update: Chamber says they already do that)

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Mmmm, red tape.

Updated March 1: In its weekly newsletter the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce in a way questioned why the TEA Party is surveying business issues when the chamber already does that; twice a year in fact.

Well, the Chamber surveys their members twice a year on these kinds of
things.  We do an issues survey in the fall to prepare our legislative
agenda for the upcoming year.  We also do a survey in
February - yes right now - to get input on the Chamber's strategic plan and the
program of work for the upcoming Chamber year starting July 1.  

You can check out the Chamber's survey online by clicking here.

Reported February 26: With the occasionally arduous delays caused by strict Lowcountry business apperance regulations, the Beaufort TEA Party is aiming to get a feel for local business frustration with an anonymous survey. 

Their online survey asks business owners (or former ones,) to "estimate the amount of time you and/or your employee(s) spent complying with Beaufort County's requirements and regulations when starting your business."

The Island Packet has a write-up on the push and you can fill out the three-question survey here.

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