Savannah/Bluffton gas station owner wants to cut out credit card companies

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It's really no secret that every time you use your credit or debit card the business at which you're spending money is charged a fee by the bank or credit card company. More times than not - many more times than not in fact - that fee is passed back along to you, the customer.

Savannah's Greg Parker, who owns convenience stores in Savannah and Bluffton, says not any more.

Parker wants his customers to use a Parker's debit card that draws money directly from their bank accounts. In return not only won't he pass a 'fee' along to his customers, but he's been taking up to 15 cents off the price of a gallon of gas. And with gas prices these days every little bit helps.

Check out the Savannah Morning News' story on Parker and his 'revolutionary' system here.

But if you'll be buying that gas in Savannah, do it before Sunday because that's when Georgia's gas tax goes up 3 cents a gallon.

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