Smoking now banned at Savannah bars, restaurants (update: check up)

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Update February 12: WSAV has followed up a month-and-a-half after the ban started and the story follows a familiar theme.

Smokers aren't thrilled but are complying — only real backlash seems to be an upswing in cigarette butt litter; check out the station's video here.

By the way, if you're they type that tosses cigarette butts on the ground, you really shouldn't as they can get washed into our marshes and take decades to break down.

Update January 2: The next time you're in a Savannah bar you won't see any smoking.

The new law is now in effect. Most of the reports about the switch have been light on details and more on the classic concerns that a ban will undermine business, but this Savannah Morning News report from earlier in the year talks about the new rules: Smokers need be 10 feet from doors, and limited smoking space in outdoor seating. 

Updated December 28: Just a reminder that Savannah's smoking ban begins with the new year.

WTOC has a brief report with what it'll cost you if you're fined for smoking in a business.

Reported August 31: In case you missed it, the Savannah City Council this month voted to ban smoking in all bars, restaurants and other public buildings. The ban takes effect Jan. 1.

You can read the brief Savannah Morning News report on the ban here.

WSAV has a nice report on what businesses in that area are expecting once the ban takes hold. You can check out the video below. 

So why tell you about a smoking ban in Savannah? Well we imagine a lot of our readers actually head down to Savannah for a drink or a meal. Also, smoking bans had been a hot topic here in Beaufort County not too long ago. You can read this Island Packet editorial from last  year as a refresher on the local issue.

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