Balcony's collapse leads to stripped license of Port Royal inspector (update: Editorial calls for additional review)

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Not the balcony in question — but you get the idea.

Updated March 11: An editorial penned by The Island Packet calls on Port Royal to conduct an additional review of buildings that were approved by the town's now-ousted building inspector.

You can read  the editorial here.

Reported March 8: It's been some three years, but a state angency finally has gotten around to stripping the license of a Port Royal building inspector who oversaw a Paris Avenue project that ultimately saw its third-story balcony collapse.

The Island Packet has a report on the state agency's decision and offers links to the back story. You can read that here.

The long and short of it is a Port Royal man fell some 22 feet when his third-story balcony in Jefferson Commons collapsed underneath him. Lawsuits ensued, as you'd imagine. But this is the first decision against the building inspector.

The decision against the inspector, which states that he "lacks professional comptentence" to perform the inspections can be found on the Packet site here.

Dare we ask how many projects have been approved by this inspector in the three years it's taken for this decision to come down?