Mayor Billy Keyserling: I am angry that young men are shooting at each other

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Unless you've been living under rock, you've heard about the recent 'spike' in crime around the Beaufort area.

´╗┐Spike or not, the robberies and shootings, including a fatal shooting last week at the Subway in Cross Creek Shopping Center, have caught the attention of residents and now our mayor.

On Saturday, Mayor Billy Keyserling sent out an email blast in which he made some strong points regarding those committing the crimes, those enabling them and what needs to be done to bolster community  programs that will take youth off the street and set them on the right path.

Here's what the mayor says, in part:

I am angry that young men are shooting each at other, threatening the lives of innocent bystanders and staining our community with their blood.

You can read the mayor's full email blast here.

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