Pedestrian dead after naked man steals fire truck in Port Royal (Update: Video blocked)


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A fire call at 4 p.m. in Port Royal is pretty routine -- but a nude man jumping into the fire truck while on scene and barrelling down Ribaut Road, hitting several cars, and killing a pedestrian is anything but routine.

The Island Packet has the better written report (read that here) and WSAV has some video from the scene (watch that here or up top).

Meanwhile, WTOC 11 has followed up and writes that the victim is 28-year-old Justin Nicholas Miller of Port Royal and the suspect is 26-year-old Kalvin Hunt of Sumter.

The last time I recall a crazy naked man story out of Beaufort County was in 2008 when a naked man jumped out of a motel window.

Update February 28: The Island Packet has penned an update that most interestingly notes the man who stole the fire truck, Kalvin Hunt, had just escaped from the nearby Naval Hospital Beaufort before taking off in the fire truck.

WSAV has also followed with a brief report and photo of a memorial and sign set up at the site where Justin Miller was killed.

Update February 28, late: Kalvin Hunt has been formally charged with murder following the death of Justin Miller.

Both The Island Packet and WTOC 11 have reports.

The Packet report also offers added details on Hunt's military background and an apparent pending court martial charge.

Update March 2: Nearly a week on from the strange events, many more details are out there.

The Island Packet has profiled Kalvin Hunt's court martial charges, though there is still some mystery around what lead to the charges.

WSAV 3 caught up with Beaufort-Port Royal Fire Chief Sammy Negron who defended why the fire engine was left running and notes that while there is no "anti-theft device" anyone who would attempt to steal one would know how to operate complex machinery. 

And WTOC 11 notes that Hunt waived his right to a bond hearing.

Update March 4: The Island Packet has written another follow up report adding more narrative into the events, the paper also notes that the accused Hunt is an Iraq war veteran.

Update March 9: In the vast sea of questions surrounding Kalvin Hunt, the questions about his military charges seem to only be growing deeper.

The Island Packet has followed up from this angle and notes that while Hunt was appealing a court martial discharge and demotion, he also entered the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort on December 8 and his alleged actions led to federal charges of trespassing and larceny.

Update March 11: The dashboard video from the stollen fire truck has been barred from release by a judge over concerns that it could jeopardize a fair trial for the accused Kalvin Hunt. However an appeal to release the video by media stations is expected on Thursday.

Update March 16: The ban on the release of the video was affirmed until a jury can be selected, and the judge described the video as strikingly "shocking".

Many reports abound on the restraining order, but The Island Packet's is the better I've seen.

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