Woman arrested, accused of throwing toddler from balcony (Update: Recovery)

Update February 3: While police are still unable to offer any explanations as to why Shayla Bryan would have beaten, stabbed, and thrown her daughter from the third floor, the 3-year-old girl, Dionna Hagood, continues to recover.

The Island Packet has a follow up report with the conidtion of Hagood and about a public fund for the child (read the report here).

Update January 12: Weeks after the incident, the accused mother, Shayla Bryan, has remained mum and the child, Dionna Hagood, remains at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

For the update, I'll point you to The Island Packet (read it here).

Update December 22: Additional details have emerged on the incident, detailing a scenario in which the mother, Shayla Bryan, allegedly beat and possibly stabbed the 3-year-old girl before she fell from a third story balcony. 

Many reports abound, but the better comes from The Island Packet (read it here).

Update December 21: WTOC 11 has followed up with a video report with much the same information but with video of the apartments (watch that here).

First reporting: A woman has been arrested after emergency personnel responded to a report of a child falling from a balcony at Cross Creek Apartments (map below). Police are now saying that they believe the child's injuries were not accidental and have arrested the mother.

Hop over to WSAV to learn more.

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