Young Port Royal girl badly bitten by pit bull (update: WSAV follows up with the family)

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Update June 24: A litte more than four months since this vicious attack, WSAV's Holly Bounds caught up with the little girl and her family.

Check out the story here and the video below.

Update February 22: WSAV's Holly Bounds has a nice followup to the pit bull story and talks with the owner of the trailer park where the unfortunate incident occurred.

The owner of the park is questioning the actions taken by Animal Control and believes that if the agency's hands were tied, then perhaps stronger laws are necessary.

Check out Bounds' report here and the video below.

Update February 21: The autopsy results are back for the pit bull in the attack, and the dog tested negative for rabies. 

Also, the dog's owner, Kevin Ramsey, has posted bail.

Head over to WSAV 3 for details on the latest.

Update February 19: The alleged owner of the dog involved in the attack has turned himself into police and the girl, Daniella Ramirez, is recovering.

The situation that appears to be evolving is that the father of Daniella had called about the dog several times. Multiple reports abound but I'll refer you to the video at WSAV and this report at The Island Packet.

Update February 18, 2 p.m.: Patrick Donohue is still hot on the trail and now has the name of the owner.

Head here to see his tweet with the name.

Update February 18, mid-morning: Lots more info today about the police moving to charge the owner and penalty he may face.

Get the latest from The Island Packet's Patrick Donohue on Twitter here. (If you're not seeing them, read these three tweets: one, two, and three.)

Update February 18: WSAV 3 has followed up with a pretty comprehensive report.

Included are the past capture and releases of the dog and how the scene unfolded; watch the video here. WTOC also has a similar video but also got on camera the neighbor who first tried to fend the dog off; watch that video here.

The Island Packet has a thorough written report here.

First reporting: A three-year-old Port Royal girl in the Shell Point area was badly bitten by a pit bull this morning.

The dog was shot and kill on the scene and the owner of the animal is being searched for and will likely face charges.

Holly Bounds over at WSAV 3 has a report with the most current information yet; take a read here. The Island Packet's Patrick Donohue has also been tweeting updates.

We'll keep you posted.

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