Friends of Hunting Island vie for Coca-Cola grant and need your vote (update: Now 38)

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Updated July 29: Hunting Island is up to 38th in the voting.

That's all for now.

Just vote!

Updated July 28: Hunting Island is in the Top 40 as of this morning, with 6,523 votes.

According to a note from a member of Friends of Hunting Island, not only should you vote now, but you should vote often; 35 times a day in fact.

Don't forget to vote here.


Updated July 27: Congrats, Hunting Island, you're on the move and now in the Top 50.

How about that? Hunting Island now has more than 4,000 votes.

Keep voting, we've got plenty of time to keep moving up.

Updated July 26: When we first reported on this Coca-Cola grant contest Hunting Island was in 80th place with 1,755 votes. 

As of this morning the Beaufort County Park has moved up to 68th place and has 2,442 votes.

It's going to take quite a bit more to get up into the top 10, with the No. 10 park so far securing almost 50,000 votes.

But every little bit helps.

So vote here.

Reported July 25: Coca-Cola recently has launched a Live Positively campaign that is looking to award three, $175,000 grants to state parks throughout the country, with the winners being determined by public vote.

Friends of Hunting Island, a nonprofit established to support and raise money for Hunting Island, is looking to take advantage of this potential grant funding and is asking the community to hop online and vote for S.C.'s most popular state park.

Hunting Island currently has 1,755 votes and is ranked 80th in the contest, not too shabby.

The voting runs through Sept. 6.

We'll admit the website is a bit tough to navigate, but if you can take the less than 3 minutes to vote, it's well worth the effort.



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