After a long dry month, Beaufort finally getting a good stormy rain - and steam tomorrow

Flickr user Barkaw
Enjoy it now, because Beaufort's going to get real steamy.

After going some 30 days without a decent shower, Beaufort finally got a good dousing (and some lightning and wind) early this morning, but how much?

Well, according to National Weather Service data from the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, 0.94 inches fell from midnight to 7 a.m.

Additionally, wind gusts hitting 43 MPH were recorded at the station and sparking downed power lines along Highway 21 into Beaufort.

And keep the umbrella near, as more rain and lightning is expected this afternoon — and be sure to enjoy the relativley cool heat index today (97) because tomorrow, it's shooting up to 104.

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