Tonight's full moon will be the biggest in 20 years (update: photos from around the world)

Update March 21: Since everyone seemed to love this Super Moon story so much, (and since we're getting some real nice traffic out of it) we figured we'd send you to a great set up on Flickr with some gorgeous super moon photos from the weekend.

To check them out click on over here.

Update March 20: Hopefully you had a chance to catch a view of the larger-than-normal moon.

If not, here's a quick shot from the Parris Island boat landing. 

If you have a shot you'd like for us to share or link to, comment below or drop us an e-mail.

First reporting: Stop and take an extra minute to look at tonight's full moon, because it will be the largest one you've seen in almost 20 years.

It's actually called a super "perigee moon," and the last time it occurred was March 1993 (yes it's hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago.) We won't see the next one until 2029.

For more on this head on over to CNN for a brief writeup on the hows and whys, not that scientists really understand how or why.

If you want a much more scientific explanation than head on over to NASA.

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