Another hot day in Beaufort before we cool off; And watch that outdoor burning

Flickr user bricolage.108

So, what furry Lowcountry critter should we have been watching to warn us that summer was going to get here three months early?

Or perhaps we should have been looking for scaly creatures? But I digress.  

After nearly hitting the mid-80s record on Monday, we received a bit of a reprieve yesterday but are back at it, and the mercury has its eye on the record of 87.

The forecast calls for us to top out at 84 with a fairly strong west wind of up to 20 MPH as a cold front pushes in, cooling us off on Thursday with a high near 77 as winds continue.

Of course, the recent dry warm weather along with high winds means you should be careful about burning anything, lest we have more brush fires like we did last month.

As for the next few days, Thursday night will get a bit chilly at 49 and Friday will top out around 67 before we warm up a bit to 76 on Saturday and about the same on Sunday with a chance of thunderstorms.

Get the full forecast here.

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