Charting a new vision for Beaufort


The City of Beaufort is returning to the skills of The Lawrence Group to take the city's current Comprehensive Plan one step further and create a Civic Master Plan -- and they're trying to do it in a way that shifts current funding without spending too many new dollars.

Mayor Billy Keyserling has a written a post about what they're trying to accomplish, why, and what to expect, an excerpt:

The Civic Master Plan will establish principles and standards that all public and private development will follow. The team will identify and promote investment and reinvestment opportunities, block by block in each neighborhood throughout the entire City, not just one or two neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its history, unique character and physical attributes upon which we will respect, build upon and not destroy.


What we ask of you is to “think big”.  Look at your neighborhood and determine what are its positives and negatives.  What, if anything is missing?  What, if any, issues need to be addressed? When the Team comes through to assess and strategize about the steps necessary to spur investment and/or improve matters, we need you to participate by voicing your suggestions and ideas.  It’s that simple.  Most of what needs to be done to re-energize our City involves having the confidence to re-energize ourselves.  The rest involves individual and neighborhood involvement, innovative thinking and seasoned experience.

Interested? Read all his thoughts here.

If you're curious about some of the mechanics of how this plan came to be and how its being paid for, check out this report at The Island Packet.