Update, final decision: Beaufort getting three F-35B squadrons

Lockheed Martin
The F-35B does a short takeoff test.

Worries of noise and a letter from a governor are all in the past, the official verdict is in according to Senator Lindsey Graham's office: Beaufort is getting three squadrons.

That was the original recommendation, known as "Alternative 1."

In all it includes three F-35B operational squadrons and the PTC (Pilot Training Center,) which is composed of two squadrons, totaling 40 aircraft.  

If you'd like a bit more depth on the announcement, I'll refer you to The Island Packet which has a more flushed out report.

Update December 10, afternoon: The Island Packet was at today's press conference by the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce, and has reported back with a report and video on the congratulatory presser; get them here.

Be forewarned, it's not like the original ceremony was that exciting.