9,674 Beaufort County voters will need to get photo IDs

Flickr user "Denise Cross"

South Carolina is still awaiting U.S. Justice Department review of the new voter photo ID law, but we already know that if the law is approved many folks will need to head to the DMV to get photo IDs.

(Which is not necessarily a trivial task due to flaky records for many of South Carolina's older residents.)

But the big question has been, just how many folks will need to go? The S.C. Election Commission says of our 2.5 million registered voters, 178,175 will need to get identification — that's just about 8.9%.

But locally the number is higher, The Savannah Morning news reports that in Beaufort County 10.4% (9,674) of registered voters will need to get ID.

The paper also has some interesting context from the Georgia voter ID law that went into effect in 2006.

For more information on the current status of the law and what you may need to do if it is approved, head to the S.C. Election Commission's webpage.


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