Beaufort bed tax issues back on the table (updated)

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Updated Sept. 18: The Island Packet has an excellent review of the potential rift between the Beaufort City Council and the Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce.

Give it a read here.

First reported Sept. 15: Here's a quick late-morning update to the Beaufort chambers issue. 

Looks like the Black Chamber of Commerce is taking to Twitter to defend itself against those who feel it's an unnecessary entity.

Here's a few snippets from the six Twitter posts over the past two hours:

Many locations have more than one chamber of commerce. Businesses and individuals are welcome to join more than one.

Our chamber markets the African American history of Beaufort County which is of interest to visitors of any color

Also of note is that Black Chamber President Larry Holman is running for Beaufort City Council. Read the Island Packet story on that here.

First reported: Seems barely a day goes by recently without some story regarding how we're spending the region's bed (accommodations) taxes.

The Island Packet has two stories of note this morning. One is out of Myrtle Beach and discusses a push to impose the state's accommodations tax on timeshares. You can read that here.

Of more local significance is a Beaufort City Council debate over whether it needs to be funding both the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Black Chamber of Commerce. Read that interesting story here.

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