Harriet Keyserling pushes petition opposing Haley (w/video)

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Former state Rep. Harriet Keyserling is pushing an online petition that opposes Nikki Haley's candidacy for governor.

Keyserling spoke to WSAV's Holly Bounds about the petition and why she opposes the candidate whom she once supported. You can check out the story here and the video below.

Keyserling's effort is part of the Women for Sheheen campaign, whose website includes a letter from Keyserling and a list of women whom have signed the petition.

Keyserling of course is a staple of S.C. politics who served in the House from 1977 through 1993. She was the first woman elected to the Beaufort City Council back in 1974 and was a founder of the S.C. Women's Legislative Caucus. 

In addition to WSAV's report you also can check out a piece in The (Columbia) State from a few weeks back that discusses how the female vote is breaking down between Haley and Sheheen and quotes Keyserling; read that story here.

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