No lie: Rep. Wilson to sit with Dems at tonight's State of the Union

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Word out of D.C., is that U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson has joined in what's become a large group of representatives who have decided to ditch the traditional party-seating system for tonight's State of the Union and instead sit with members from the opposing team.

Wilson's willingness to sit flanked by two Democrats - fellow members of the House Armed Services Committee - of course has garnered national attention because of that whole "You Lie!" thing during the president's September 2009 healthcare address.

The State has an interesting piece on how Wilson, in fact, is the only S.C. legislator who has agreed to sit with the Dems. You can read that here.

CNN's Donna Brazile offers a bit more background on the idea to mix parties, which ultimately is an attempt to honor the victims of the Tucson, Arizona shootings. You can check out that piece here.

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