Port Royal community reacts to failed sale of port (update: Game on! Letter of intent back on the table)

Open space, like The Green in downtown Beaufort, are at the forefront of the debate.

Updated April 22: The Island Packet has coverage of the signed letter of intent, but there isn't a lot of detail to offer, yet.

Of note is that this is the third letter of intent signed on the Port of Port Royal.

Check out the Packet's coverage here.

Updated April 21: Word out of Columbia is that a letter of intent for the sale of the Port of Port Royal is back on the table.

That's according to state Rep. Shannon Erickson's Twitter account.

Erickson says Bill Stern, chairman of the S.C. State Ports Authority, is set to sign off on the letter of intent. 

We're sure more details will emerge over the coming days.

Updated March 9: The Island Packet published a follow up report on March 5 cataloguing the status of the Port of Port Royal, a state owned piece of property which the town is trying to sell.

According to the report, the S.C. State Ports Authority, the agency in charge of selling the land, is considering either extending a deal between themselves and the town of Port Royal, or loosening the requirements which would be issued onto the property's potential buyers. Both measures would be taken, the article explains, to increase the chances of selling the property.

Head over here to read the Packet's piece on the subject.

Updated January 21: The Charleston Regional Business Journal has the most in-depth piece yet on where the port sale went wrong.

Apparently it wasn't just Gramling Brothers failing to come through with a check, there also were some unexpected title and permitting issues that the company said it needed additional time to deal with. 

You can read the latest from the Business Journal here.

Updated January 20: Well, The Island Packet has the reaction we were waiting for regarding the failed sale of the Port of Port Royal.

The Packet spoke with state Sen. Tom Davis, along with local Realtors and politicians, to get their reactions. You can check all that out here.

The Post & Courier also has a report on the failed sale, including word from the S.C. State Ports Authority that action has been taken to get the property back on the market immediately. You can read that here.

Updated January 19: Well, so much for that.

The Island Packet is reporting that the sale between Charleston-based Gramling Brothers and the S.C. Ports Authority is off, nixed, dead.

Check out the Packet's brief report. We expect more coverage of this to come.

Reported January 7: Juliann Vachon over at The Island Packet has a post up abut anticipation for the deliver of plans for the 51-acre former Port of Port Royal site.

New details are scant, but there are some; take a read of the post here.

If you've somehow forgotten, there's a good deal of debate on the $16.75 million contract over how much open space it will or will not include.

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