Beaufort's Frederick & Frederick Architects sweep 'Expo 2011' (update: details, designs)

Flickr user Beaufort's TheDigitel

Updates at the bottom.

Beaufort- and Charleston-based Frederick & Frederick Architects took
all three first-place awards in the "Expo 2011: The Future Form of Historic Beaufort" contest
when results were announced Sunday.

In case you
missed our previous
coverage on the expo
, it essentially was an opportunity for
architects and designers to offer their ideas on what they felt Beaufort
could look like. The event and contest was sponsored by Historic Beaufort
, Three Century Project and City of Beaufort.

Awards were
handed out in three categories:

  • Single
  • Community
  • People's

haven't found any news coverage of yesterday's awards announcement at the expo, but photos were posted on Facebook by the Beaufort Three Century project. You can check them out here.

Afternoon update: The Beaufort Three Century website does have a press release announcing the Frederick & Frederick sweep of the expo; check that out here.

Additionally, the winning firm has posted a little something about its win to the Lowcountry Architect blog. Also on there are details about the philosphy of their winning design house and the street and neighborhood design.