Beaufort City Council and Redevelopment Committee focus on city growth, improvement

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Update February 21: Rounding out the Beaufort County planning retreat the idea of extending coverage of curbside recycling and trash service were proposed along with an overall "top 10" watch and action items for 2012.

Update February 13: The Island Packet has followed up at the end of the planning retreat and notes an overall objective for 2012: better communication between the city and community stakeholders; read the update here.

First reporting: On Thursday, the City Council started a two-day retreat with the focus on improving Beaufort.

"The measure should not be how many beds are slept in or how many meals are served," Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling said. "The measure should be how much the city is growing and improving."

So what all can be included in Beaufort's improvement and growth? Many factors that may be hard to quantify such as Beaufort's cultural and social health as well as communication with civic groups and businesses. 

The Redevelopment Commission is interested in projects such as establishing businesses in buildings that are currently vacant as well as converting empty lots into affordable residences.

To learn more about what the council and commission focused on at the retreat, head over to The Island Packet's report here.