Facebook group takes on Beaufort County PALS (update: another nonprofit?)

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Update May 9: The latest in this saga is that the group behind the PALS Facebook page now wants to start a nonprofit that would, well, we're not exactly sure what it would do.

We'll shoot you over to The Island Packet to make heads or tails of it.

Update April 8: The Island Packet now has its own report on the PALS Facebook page, and how the protest transferred from the cyberworld to the real world: a PALS advisory board meeting.

You can read the Packet's coverage of that meeting here.

Be sure to read through to the end where PALS leader Morris Campbell states that people don't have to head to Facebook with complaints, they can just give PALS a call.

Oh by the way, the group now is up to 204 members.

Update April 7: Just a few days into the Facebook group's existence, it's already garnered the attention of PALS leader Morris Campbell, and he says he's looking to address the issues.

WSAV got a comment from Campbell and chatted with Facebook group founder Robert Gecy about his complaints -- and delight at the preliminary results; watch their video here.

The group is now at 165 members.

First reporting April 5: The title of a new Facebook group really tells you all you need to know about its purpose: "It's Time for a Change with Beaufort PALS."

But if you want to know more, they'll offer it with the group's description:

I am fed up with the lack of organization within Beaufort County PALS and the declining quality in our youth athletics. It's time for the parents and coaches to stand up and make some noise. It's time for a change! Please forward this group on to your friends and ask them to stand up and help make some changes!

And so it goes on from there for a Facebook group that has gone from 0 to more than 100 members literally overnight.

Most of the posts on the group page address issues dealing with uniforms and facilities and a general theme of "mismanagement."

With Facebook's ability to take a small flare up and turn it into a full-blown controversy, it will be interesting to see if this "anti-PALS" group gains any additional traction and garners an "official" response from the county.

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