Citing poor advertising dollars, Beaufort Tribune goes on an extended 'vacation'

Staff illustration, base image by Flickr user tobyleah

Publisher George Trask has all but called it quits for the time being at The Beaufort Tribune and MugFaces.

On Wednesday, September 5, in an online posting Trask cited poor online ad sales to cover his digital resurrection of a classic local newspaper of the same name and the daily update of mug shots from the local police database. 

"We have been publishing the Tribune and MugFaces online for more than three years", Trask wrote. "We have tried every way we know to get sufficient advertising to cover expenses."

Trask also cited growing tired of covering crime news for traffic, "the big local news is the local crime news. The local crime news is always the same and is depressing–the same people arrested."

But the publication said it will begin publishing again if it can fill its advertising requirements or should something truly breaking happen. In an update the publication said it will update for "a bit longer" to see if the tide turns.

Advertising is a hard way to make a living, and online advertising even more so.

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