Good news and more bad news for Marine Corps' F-35B (update: more details)

Lockheed Martin
An F-35B Joint Strike Fighter descends into a vertical landing.

First reporting January 19, updates at the bottom.

Remember how the F-35B that's much anticipated for Beaufort and the Marine Corps was put on two year probation for its myriad of issues?

Well there was good news in the ironing out of parts that were failing at unusually high rates and the craft completing five vertical landing tests without issue. 

Defense News has a report on that.

And there was much rejoicing ... but ...

But, now there are reports of a myriad of new issues affecting both the F-35A and F-35B models in the form of sideslip at certain attack angles, afterburner woes, helmet projected flight information, and others.

The Air Force Times has a report on that.

And there was less rejoicing. 

Update January 28, details: Aviation Week has assembled a more detailed report on the myriad of issues facing the STOVL F-35. 

If you'd like to get more technical in your understanding of what's holding up the plane, I'd highly recommend it; take a read here

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