VMFA-312 returns home to Beaufort in time for Christmas (updated w/lots of video)

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Updated December 21: WSAV and WTOC have video up on their sites from yesterday's homecoming. 

More than 200 Marines were able to make it home just in time for Christmas.

Check out the wsav story here and the video below.

Same goes for wtoc, story here and video below.

Reported December 20: The Chekerboards of VMFA-312 are returning home today from a seven-month deployment aboard the USS Harry S. Truman and their friends and family are eagerly awaiting them at MCAS Beaufort.

I think this post on the USS Harry S. Truman Facebook page sums it up better than we could: 

Moored...shift colors!!!!! We went, we accomplished and we Gave 'em Hell!!!!!!!

I'm sure there will be a lot of local coverage of this holiday homecoming, and we'll update this story as we see it.

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