Yes, Oyotunji African Village is still out there in Beaufort County (update: more coverage from bored reporters)

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Updated April 18: Seems whenever there's a reporter out there without a weekend assignment and he or she just needs to file something they head on out to the Oyotunji African Village.

This time the Charleston Post and Courier is the offender as it posits that "Voodoo (is) alive in South Carolina."

You can check out the Post and Courier report here.

Reported Nov. 20: As part of its "Whatever Happened To ..." series The Island Packet offers a look at what's going on over at Oyotunji African Village in Sheldon and its remaining 25 residents.

The Packet piece catches up with the current leadership of the "village," which has sparked its fair share of controversy over the past four decades (the village turns 40 this year.)

Take a look at the Packet story here.

Here's another Packet story with a bit more history about the village, which was featured on 60 Minutes due to its history of animal sacrifice, tax evasion, and ritual face scarring.

Oyotunji African Village

Oyotunji African Village 

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