Beaufort's old City Hall: Sell it or keep it? (updated: proposals for future use to come in January)

The Carteret Street building is now empty of city officials and a vault of dreams.

Updated Dec. 3: The Island Packet has an update that the city's Redevelopment Commission next month. expects to start asking for proposals for what to do with the old city hall. Read the update here.

The Packet says an appraisal on the building came in at $875,000.

Updated Sept. 3: The Island Packet is reporting that Beaufort's Redevelopment Commission will call for proposals from "architects, developers and other interested parties"  to determine the best use for the old City Hall. You can read the full story here.

It'll be interesting to see what this spirit of competition will breed.

Reported Aug. 19: Now that the ribbon has been cut on the new Beaufort City Hall, what should be done with the old city hall that's sitting vacant in the heart of downtown Beaufort.

City officials acknowledge that the building shouldn't sit vacant long, but other than that the future of the historic building is uncertain and some have suggested simply selling the building built around 1917 — The Island Packet has a nice story regarding the issue of what to do with the building.

But we wanted to ask what you think should be done with the old city hall.

Should it be deeded over to a nonprofit or other agency like The Arsenal was? Should it be placed on the open market? Or maybe a museum would be the best use. Let us know by selecting "add" next to your choice below.

What to do with the old Beaufort City Hall?

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