Have overdue library books? Skip the fines (Update: Number roundup)

See that empty spot in the bottom right? That's where your missing book belongs.

Update May 12: The amnesty month recouped some 1,714 missing items by waving about $7,000 in late fees.

I'll point you to The Island Packet's report for a rundown on the numbers.

At an average "cost" of $4 in waved late fees per item, it looks like the program was a win, even if the library system hoped to collect more lost items.

First reporting: If you have overdue books that you're afraid to return for the high fines, the Beaufort County Library would really love to get them back.

So much so, that they're willing to skip the fine.

However, some conditions do apply. To take part in "Amnesty Month" from through April 30, you must return the books in person to a staff member at the circulation desk — that's right, if you drop it in the book drop, you're out of luck.

And the offer only applies to the books owned by the county library system, if you've borrowed through a lending system you're probably out of luck.

Personally, I'd confirm that the fine can be waved before handing over the book.

Update April 9: Sounds like it has been slow going on the fine-free returns — so here's a second plug for the program.

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