In photo and video: A 787 fly over of Hilton Head

A 787 performs a fly over during the RBC Heritage golf on Hilton Head. This 787, ZA005, was used for testing and certifying the model’s GE engines. Boeing pilots used Harbour Town Lighthouse as their way point for the flyover.

As promised, Boeing did a low-altitude flyover of a 787 Dreamliner at the Heritage golf tournament on Friday, April 13. 

The next-generation approached from the south from tee to green over the 18th fairway — as seen above. 

There's also much video online of the fly over, but I've posted the two better clips below; the first is a shorter amateur-shot video and the second is professional with more cutouts and commentary.

Yes, Boeing is a lead sponsor of the tournament and the company is making Dreamliners in Charleston.


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