Time to give up the inquiry on the Bluffton High mascot caper?


Remember the kidnapping of the 250-pound Bluffton High School statue of their mascot, a bobcat? And remember how concerns flared after a "hostage" video featured a masked gunman with captions that "if demands are not met, the kitten dies"?

Well, it seems that combo has dismissed early word that the whole matter would be dropped if the statute was returned unharmed and the Bluffton Police Department is looking to bring the, likely, teens responsible to justice. 

But The Island Packet says it's hardly worth the effort, writing in part:

The Bluffton Police Department, we're very confident, has more important work to do than tracking down and bringing to justice high school pranksters. ...

If Hilton Head High and Bluffton High officials want to spend their time solving this caper, then have at it. But the police have serious crimes to tackle. This isn't one.

Take a read of the editorial over here.

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