Permits not filed for demolition of old Beaufort chemical plant (update)

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Update March 15: S.C. DHEC has advised on the situation saying there is no public health risk, however there are questions regarding a more comprehensive cleanup and permits.

The demolition company has applied for permits to demolish the remaining structures but has yet to get approval, meanwhile the previous owners of the site have said they are looking into a more complete site cleanup plan and have reportedly filed a lawsuit against the demolition company.

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First reporting January 31: The county has told a company that's tearing down the old ArrMaz chemical plant in northern Beaufort County to stop work immediately, according to The Island Packet.

According to the newspaper the proper permits haven't been filed, and there could be a host of environmental concerns since, well, it's an old chemical plant.

You can read the full writeup from The Island Packet here.

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