TheDigitel announcement: An even better way to keep up on local

TheDigitel Version 2 is coming.

The private beta launches next week and we're hoping our readers can help us test for bugs and ensure that we're only making changes for the better. We’d really appreciate your insight and thoughts.

As you know, TheDigitel is a local intelligence concierge, presenting folks with a customized palette of useful information across every local news section, and we're aiming to make things even better and more accessible. 

First the good news:

TheDigitel Version 2 will continue to offer the same simple, yet informative presentation of content by those finely tuned to the their cities.

Here’s the better news:

  • More conversation driven than ever. We’ve restructured our posting system to be more flexible, ask questions of your own in addition to being able making hard (and soft) reporting contributions. Have a question? Pose it. Someone with a similar interest will respond.
  • Posting will be easier and more straightforward. Share thoughts and questions without worrying about the publishing process.
  • We'll connect you faster to interesting stories from around town.
  • Quicker connections as articles not primarily written by TheDigitel contributors will link directly to other websites.
  • Upvote what you like. Posts and questions can be up-voted by all users, gaining more visibility.
  • Interact across cities. Pick your home town and see only local content, but when you travel just flip a switch and engange in conversation with the locals.
  • Get a reputation. We’ve added a “Top Contributors” section to feature those users who are most active in posting, answering questions, and voting.

Want to help us kick the tires? Sign up for the beta over here.