Checking out Walterboro: Hardly the 'worst cty visit ever'

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Island Packet Business Reporter Grant Martin has penned nice feature on Walterboro, here's a taste:

 On the short drive into town, I passed a long-abandoned drive-in theater and doubled back for further investigation. Time had stripped its skeletal framework of several wooden panels — on which someone had once painted a sylvan scene now at stark odds with its surrounding pavement and pawn shops — but it retained a kind of haunting dignity, standing sentinel over its similarly eroded town. An old man loading scrap metal into the bed of his pickup told me the drive-in hadn't been in use since the early 1970s. "This used to be the place to be on weekends," he said reverently, his eyes dancing around the empty parking lot.

It's hidden on the backside of their website in the blog section, still it's just a click away in the source link below.

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