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10X Your Digital Marketing: 4 Hour Bootcamp

10X Your Digital Marketing: 4 Hour Bootcamp




4000 Faber Place Dr, Suite 300

North Charleston, SC 29405



 Things we will cover:

 Create web content that educates and builds trust (Leading to more Signups and Sales)

Capture & nurture leads from your website (Email Marketing)

Get more traffic and rank higher on Google (Search Engine Optimization)

Use social media to garner targeted attention (Social Media)

Learn how to create cost-effective Digital Marketing Campaign that delivers


 Customized for YOUR website

 This class is limited to just 5 people, because I want to look at what parts of your website you could improve and the steps you should take. We will suggest many small changes that will have major impact on your website.


 What if I’m not technical?

 This isn’t about being tech savvy. It’s about understanding your audience (and potential customers) and their needs. If you have basic computer skills – you are good to go : ).


What if I’m not getting any leads from my site?

If you aren’t generating leads from your site this course is VERY important for you. You’re missing out on opportunities ($$$) by not taking advantage of all the important online marketing channels.

We will discuss how you can go from no revenue (and visitors) to more traffic that turns into future customers.

Already have traffic? No worries, you’ll learn additional growth tactics to take your business to the next level.


Who’s teaching this?



Hi, I’m Jamie Eilerman. I am a Lead Generation Consultant, teaching Digital Marketing Tools and Strategies to Businesses. My work involves WordPress, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO and Lead Generation.

I’ve been helping Startups and Small Businesses improve Sales & Marketing online since 2011. I’ve worked with businesses in many different industries, from Event Companies to Snack Distributors.

Seats are $250 per person.