2015 Cocktail Supper at Circa 1886 Restaurant
2015 Cocktail Supper at Circa 1886 Restaurant


This April, Circa 1886 Restaurant in Historic Charleston will present their second annual Cocktail Supper. The four-course menu, created by Chef Marc Collins, is perfectly paired with cocktails crafted for the evening. Circa 1886’s sommelier, John Martindale, created each cocktail with Cathead Distillery’s Cathead Vodka, Bristow Gin, and Hoodoo Chicory Liqueur. From the earthy and savory Chicory Liqueur, to the bright notes in the Honeysuckle Vodka, the flavor profiles will perfectly compliment each dish.

The Second Annual Cocktail Supper kicks off at 6:30 pm on April 22nd with a reception on the patio, live music, and a spectacular view of the c. 1886 Wentworth Mansion. Guests will then venture inside for the dinner that will delight the palate and give a fresh taste of spring fare. From the spicy and vegetal Tribby’s Heat cocktail to the light and floral Matilda cocktail, guests will enjoy a special evening at Circa 1886 Restaurant.

Here’s the full menu for the Circa 1886 Cocktail Supper with Cathead Distillery:

featuring the Cathead Pecan Vodka in the Desert’s Rain Cocktail 

First Course
featuring the Hoodoo Chicory Liqueur in the Chicory Dock Cocktail 
On the menu: Bresaola, Ginger Ale Dressing, Marcona Almonds, Fried Cornichon, Italian Parsley, Compressed Tomato “Tartare”, Poached Yolk

Second Course
featuring the Bristow Gin in the Trap Door Cocktail 
On the menu: Lemon Chicken Sous Vide, Buttermilk Grits, Spanish Peanuts, Grapefruit Gel, Rainbow Chard, Juniper Glacage

Third Course
Featuring the Cathead Vodka in the Tribby’s Heat Cocktail
On the menu: Tuna Steak, Vodka Sauce, Duck Bacon, Ditalini, Ricotta Cheese, King Trumpet Mushrooms, Haricot Verts

Fourth Course
Featuring the Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka in the Matilda Cocktail 
On the menu: Seared Orange Poppy Seed Cake, Honeysuckle Ice Cream, Vanilla Clear Caramel, Pink Peppercorn Crumble

The price of the 2015 Cocktail Supper is $75 per person (plus 20% gratuity and 10.5% tax.) Reserve your seat at the supper by calling the restaurant at (843) 853-7828 for a reservation.